Alice Family Fiver


At Alice Charity we believe that family is everything. That help begins at home and that we can all help vulnerable families, families’ less fortunate than our own.

Family Fiver is a regular giving initiative where your family can donate just £5 a month to help us support families with in the communities of Stoke – on – Trent & Newcastle – under – Lyme.

Helping families to thrive, not just survive; a family that may well be living right next door to you, or a child who is in your child’s class.

Family Fiver Alice Charity

You will now be directed to our Go-Cardless system for final instructions to donate. Make a difference to a local family in need.

Your donation of just £5 a month will enable us to:

  • Purchase a microwave / slow cooker, enabling a family to enjoy warm and freshly cooked healthy meals
  • Buy a bed & bedding for a child co-sleeping, or residing on the sofa or on the floor
  • Provide transport for a teenagers to study at college
  • Aid Families with emotional support, home visits & support sessions
  • Deliver furniture, install carpets & home safety equipment, to turn a house into a home

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