Latest statistics state that 17% of all children living in Newcastle-Under-Lyme and 25% of all children living in Stoke-On-Trent reside in low income families.

It is widely acknowledged that a childhood spent in poverty adversely impacts education, occupation, income and ill health. Alice Charity’s vision is to help these vulnerable families by providing an accessible service ensuring those most in need build confidence, take control and find purpose.

Not everyone’s family is as fortunate as yours so our mandate is to transform families, empowering those most in need to improve their own circumstances for both this generation and the next in order to create long term sustainability.

“Alice Charity helps families within Stoke-on-Trent & Newcastle-under-Lyme with the right things, at the right time, in the right way, when no one else can.”

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Alice receives referrals for support from agencies as varied as social services, family support workers, health professionals, schools & other charities.

Some referrals are straightforward and we simply signpost people to services that can help, or we provide basic household items that will improve their day to day life. Other cases are more complicated and need longer term intervention and ongoing support. Families supported not only improve their own situation, but go on to positively impact their children, families and friends, which then improves their communities.

Our team has both employed staff and volunteers, all supported and encouraged to juggle family and home successfully, building strong role models and developing confidence. The Alice team provides support that is built on kindness, compassion and unconditional love for our communities.

Helping more families than ever before

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Can you warm a heart by joining Family Fiver?

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Stephanie Talbot - CEO

I’m Steph, the CEO & one of the founders of Alice charity. I’m driven by a desire to provide vulnerable families within the communities of Newcastle & Stoke with the knowledge that no matter what happens, we will support them during their lonely, dark times with compassion, unconditional love and respect – I can count on my family for support, and I know how lucky I am

I’ve been blissfully married to Tony, the love of my life, for over 33 years, we have two gorgeous children and three perfect grandchildren. Working as an accountant whilst being CEO at Alice, along with loving family time, doesn’t leave much time for hobbies but I do love socialising with friends, eating out, live music and Turkey.

To me family isn’t important, family is everything xx

Emily Petts - Family Support Director

I’m Emily, the Family Support Director and Joint Co-founder of Alice Charity. At home, I’m wife to Aaron and mum to 3 amazing children Loui, Ella & Lily. Loui has autism and he’s one of the many reason we set up Alice, He opened our eyes to the world and made us want to help other’s and make a difference.

My family are the reason I get up every day and want to help local families – unconditional love is powerful. I love tattoo’s and would like to get more (but my mum wouldn’t like it lol).

Sam Warrilow - Fundraising Manager

Hi there, my name is Samantha Warrilow and I am the Fundraising Manager. My job involves looking after the fundraising income for the charity. This may mean talking to large corporate organisations or individual one off donors and everything in-between. I work to develop relationships with our donors to get the Alice message across. I also take a lead on organising the larger Alice events such as It’s a Knock Out and Santa Dash.

My role is still quite new, but was necessary to support the growth of Alice. As Alice grows, awareness of the charity will grow. That will require more income, more income means helping more families!

I qualified as a Psychiatric Nurse in 2003 and worked in substance misuse, then managed a community outreach project at a Children’s Centre. I have also worked in corporate roles within local government and a local brewery. This varied career path means that I have a very good understanding of our Alice families and their needs whilst being able to build corporate relationships and engage and interact with people at all levels. I enjoy speaking to people and presenting and public speaking – this makes up a large part of my role.

I love to watch sport, particularly Mixed Martial Arts and I also going to the gym. I have also been told that I am best known for being the sensible one (allegedly).

Kayla Poole - Family Support Manager

I’m Kayla and I am the Family Support Manager for Alice. I live with my husband, 3 children and cat flick who mean the world to me but also drive me slightly crazy. I started volunteering at Alice by wrapping Christmas presents 2 years ago and they have never let me go since. I am currently working towards a level 3 management qualification alongside my job.

I love chocolate and wine!

Jayne Duff - Kinship Kids Project Manager

Hi, my name is Jayne Duff and I am the Kinship Kids Project Manager. My role at Alice Charity is to provide support, practical help, and advice to families in the role of Kinship Care and Guardianships. Kinship Kids targets a specific sector of families ensuring that Alice can help all families in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent, no matter their circumstances.

Myself and my husband are Special Guardians to our two young grandchildren and have been on this journey from Kinship Foster Carers to Special Guardians for nearly five years.

For anybody that knows me well they will tell you that I am a little bit Phil Collins and Genesis obsessed. My phone has numerous Phil and Genesis tracks as ringtones and other tones specific to certain people, and have in the past even named my pets after them, once had a poodle called Phil and a Jack Russell called Duke (after a Genesis album)!

Danielle Boughey - Family Support Administrator

Hi, my name is Danielle Boughey and I am a Family Support Administrator and I also run the Pass It On project. My role is to process all referrals, input, update, handle confidential information as well as communicating with agency workers, other members of the Alice team and the families we support. I run the Pass It On projects helping to provide much needed items.

I think my role makes a difference to the families that we support because I help to provide the families with much needed items.

Before I worked for Alice I was a student nurse for 2 years. Unfortunately, I had to pull out of this course for personal reasons. I think that due to this experience in nursing has helped me in my role at Alice as it taught me effective communication skills, compassion, detailing notes, and empathy.

At Alice, I am mainly known for changing my hair colour every week!

Helen Moss - Family Support Worker

My name is Helen. I am 32 years old, a Family Support Worker and a single parent to my two children, Holly aged 10 and Lucas aged 6. The influences in my life are my family. I am immensely proud of all my nephews, nieces and, of course, my children.

I am a self-confessed geek and love reading, playing on the Xbox, anything Superhero and I get a little bit obsessed with box sets. I love Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and will happily binge watch Law & Order and Criminal Minds for hours on end. I share my home with my children, our Collie and 3 cats, one of which is a female called Kevin.

Danni Brown - Family Support Worker

Hi there, my name is Danielle Brown and I am a Family Support Worker. My job mainly involves working closely with families to ensure that they receive the best possible support. You won’t find me hanging around the office very often, I will more than likely be out and about visiting families and delivering equipment around Newcastle and Stoke.

My role makes a difference to the support that Alice can offer to local charities as I can visit up to four families a day, ensuring that families don’t sit on a waiting list and that every family referred in, no matter how long the wait for items, sees a friendly face of support as quickly as possible after being referred.

Within the Alice Team I am best known for my clumsiness, we have all lost count of the broken mugs, things that have been deleted or just generally falling over thin air!

Debbie Steele - Family Support Worker

Hi, my name is Deb Steele and I am a Family Support Worker. My job mainly involves supporting families within our city to help them gain a better quality of life, often giving emotional and practical support, through some of life’s tough issues that often occur. My role as a family support volunteer makes a difference because I am very proactive and don’t mind getting my hands dirty. Being hands on means we can help so many families in various ways.

Having experienced hard times in my own past, I know more than most that things aren’t always black and white. We all need support at some point in our lives. Knowing from my own past how much support can help a family I feel privileged to be able to give back. I never judge a book by its cover and always try to keep an open mind.

My biggest passion is my 4 beautiful children. Other than them I absolutely love my boxsets and am a big fan of all things marvel and dc. I’m a bit of a film buff too, to be perfectly honest, TV and wine are my perfect idea of having a good night in!

If I could think of anything that I would be best known for at Alice, it would probably be having the most unorganised car!

Jade Wheeler - Family Support Volunteer

Hi, my name is Jade. I am from Newcastle under Lyme and have lived here since I was born. I am a single parent to a little boy in primary school. As well as volunteering at Alice Charity I also study Forensics at University.

I wanted to join the Alice team because I suffered with depression once my son was born and want to help people that are in a similar situation to what I was in and to be able to show people that even when you are in stressful or emotional situations, that you can overcome them and reach the goals that you may not think you can.

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family as they are a very important factor in my life and without them I would not have got where I am today.

Emily Foster - Family Support Volunteer

Hi, my name is Emily Rose Foster and I am a voluntary Family Support Worker. I work alongside Helen, driving her, and supporting her in visits, also writing up notes from visits and helping around in the office, doing things such as; writing letters, helping post information out and gathering items that we may need for families when we visit.

By working alongside families with Helen and seeing how one small thing can have a major impact on someone’s life, by providing a family with things such as; cookers, carpets, clothes, food and various other things you can see the difference it makes to families and how they can benefit from support and the items that we can provide.

I am currently studying level 3 health and social care BTEC, at Newcastle-under-Lyme college, from studying this course I have decided I would like to pursue a career in social work and while working alongside the Alice Team, I hope to gain skills that would help me on my degree in social work but also help develop my practical skills.

I am obsessed with Harry Potter, I have watched all 8 films and read all 7 books! Me and my mother both quiz each other on weird and random facts from Harry Potter and test each other to see how well we know Harry Potter. We have also done a test online to see which house we are in. I’m in Hufflepuff! I am known as ‘the one with the pug mug’ as I have a Pug called Martha that I am obsessed with and always show pictures of her to the team in the office.

Marissa Laney - Fundraising Volunteer

Hi, I’m Marissa and I volunteer at Alice working with the fundraising team! I originally started working for Alice in 2012/2013 but I then took a break to go to university, now I’m so happy I’m back, doing what I enjoy, helping others!

I’m a single mum to a delightful 6-year-old, who drives me crazy! I love photography and nature!

Jade Taylor - Design & Marketing

Hello – I’m Jade, my area is design and marketing. I have degree in Fashion Studies, however I always knew I wanted to work within the NGO and charity sector, so I made an early career decision to use my super powers for good. I have numerous passions besides art and design, including astrophysics, world development and political activism.

Unfortunately, poverty is an all too common story in the UK; working for Alice Charity is a reassurance that action against poverty is being taken. Alice not only support our community with unconditional love, but they also support the local businesses changing the face of our local economy. I would highly recommend Alice to anyone seeking volunteer opportunities, sponsorships or CSR.

Ashley Missin - IT Support Volunteer

Hi there, my name is Ashley and I’m an IT Support Volunteer. I have volunteered to do a few odd jobs now and again over the past 2 years for Alice; I have seen the work that they do and the difference that they make to the lives of many families across Newcastle and Stoke.

I officially joined Alice as a part-time volunteer at the start of September 2016 after hearing about a need for an extra pair of hands on their IT department. A few weeks before, I completed my Applied Computing degree at Staffordshire University. I’m a gamer at heart, whether it’s a modern game like League of Legends or a game from 20 years ago like Crash Bandicoot, I enjoy them all.



The joy of having a baby is indescribable, yet being a parent can feel overwhelming. Taking care of children is so demanding, Many families suffer in silence as they may not have the strength, knowledge or skills to do something about their needs. Fact is, everyone at some point will need help.

This is where Alice charity steps in. We support families struggling on low incomes with the support and expertise to help make the changes needed to improve their lives.

 The Alice team visits the family to assess their needs, working closely with the family to make their home a place where they can feel comfortable and safe.

The Alice team provide ongoing support, which is always undertaken from a caring, non-judgemental perspective. This helps transition parents into voluntary work, education and employment, taking control of their lives, giving them hope and developing resilience.

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