Virtual Christmas Quiz

Our Virtual quiz was one of the first events we attempted back in April in our first lockdown of 2020. At the time, we wanted to create a sense of community spirit, and bring some smiles and light entertainment 

With all four of our quiz’s there was most definitely, laughter and joy. We also discovered who had the smarts, who was good at cheating and who quite frankly did not have a clue.

We have had guess that tune rounds, general knowledge, and had the delights of glockenspiel tones. We have had to guess what movie songs belonged to. We have had a pictures round where we have had to guess the logo and dingbats that have driven quizzers crazy. Without giving too much away, some of the rounds may make a return with a Christmas twist.

It goes without saying, that we had to bring our virtual quiz back for Christmas to create some festive cheer and sparkle, and, with the return of our incredible quiz master extraordinaire, Matthew Daspher-Hughes, this I can guarantee. Although I have heard that our Grants and Fundraising Manager Josie may be doing a round that could involve ear plugs which we may possibly have to make mandatory as her enthusiasm far out ways the talents she will be showcasing.

To join it’s just £5 per family and all you need to do is email Josie Claus on [email protected] for instructions and how to donate and keep Friday the 4th of December at 19.45 free for a prompt 20.00 start. We will be using zoom for our quiz which will require the use of a laptop, computer, or mobile phone. Of course, the quiz can be done in the comfort of your own home, which may still be mandatory at that time.

Whilst our quiz may not compare to last year’s Christmas party, why not get your colleagues or your family involved for a bit of competitive mayhem and Help us to say yes to Christmas, making this festive season a little easier for vulnerable families in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle.

Sign up NOW to an evening you will sleigh, we snow you won’t want to miss this!