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Opening 15th March 2017

Here at Alice charity we’ve recently noticed a significant increase in the number of lovely, local families needing support with food. We tried to put ourselves in your shoes, being unable to give your children enough food to satisfy their hunger, going without food yourself so the rest of your family can eat, but we can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be.

So we have set up People’s Pantry to help you to feed your family:

  • You can just turn up for food – you don’t have to be referred in to us
  • We are open every day
  • We provide baby products too
  • You will welcomed by our team with a brew, a chance to sit down and chill whilst we take a few details from you

People’s Pantry is one of many projects run by Alice charity to support local vulnerable families, so not only can we help you with food, but we can also support you to move towards independence with emotional and practical support by our wonderful Family Support team, who have themselves experienced tough times so know exactly what you are going through, no judgement, only respect and kindness. Let us help you – People’s Pantry is open from 11am to 1pm from Monday to Friday, and we are based in Newcastle town centre at 27 Bridge Street, ST5 2RY – call us on 01782 627017 if you need any more details Please come and see us – that’s what we’re here for.

If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger

Poverty could happen to any one of us, and this needs to be accepted. It isn’t a dirty word used to degrade people in society, but something that is affecting individuals and families more frequently every day. With new jobs being scarce and redundancy on the rise, poverty is a harsh truth that needs to be highlighted as an outcome of more than just drug and alcohol abuse. Contributing factors could include anything from death in the family to mental illness, and here at Alice we understand and address this.

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