Helping mums with support at this crucial time

Babies need cot beds


Mothers are not prepared

for their new arrival

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Helping new parents and parents to be with support at a crucial time.

The arrival of a new baby should be a period of joy and excitement for mums, but if you are in poverty, isolated, young or homeless it can be very frightening, on top of that you have the worry of the cost of a new baby. Our Bump and Beyond project secures quality second- hand items that are required for a new baby which we store until we get a request to help out a vulnerable new parent within our communities in Stoke and Newcastle.

Under our Bump and Beyond project we provide quality second- hand cots, pushchairs, changing mats, bedding, baths, clothes and baby toiletries and nappies ( donated ).

We receive referrals for help from local agencies such as social services, health visitors, midwives, schools, local family support team, community groups including churches and other local charities. When we receive a referral, two of our family support team volunteers visit the family to make an initial assessment.

Whilst we provide baby equipment as described as above we also provide practical support to these wonderful but vulnerable new parents by providing advice eg budget and routine around baby, popping in for a regular cuppa and listening to parents and supporting however they may require, sign posting them to other organisations if appropriate.

Nearly all our Family Support Volunteers are mums themselves so are providing support and advice from a perspective of actual experience. If our visits to the family identify other needs eg double bed for mum and dad, then we will refer them for support from one of the other projects that Alice Charity run.

Our experience has taught us that most of these kind of referrals are emergencies – Alice is often the only organisation that will act quickly with the only qualifying criteria being they are a family in Stoke or Newcastle.

Vulnerable parents to be often hide their head in the sand when faced with the prospect of not having enough funds to buy basic nursery equipment.


If you have any second hand cots of single beds that you no longer need that are in excellent condition…

Pass It On to a family in need.


If you’d like to support out campaign, please donate now with JustGiving.

Help kids to sleep in their own bed this Christmas.


 If you’d like to see how we can help you or someone else you know in need, get in touch today.

Danielle Boughey, 01782 627107

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