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Bringing Families Together

We’re happy to announce that Alice Charity’s most favoured parent and toddler group, Big Cup, is now back by popular demand! Launching October 30th – Kidsgrove and November 1st – Clayton, in partnership with The Realise Charity.

Here at Alice, we understand that full time work can be stressful, making sure that bills are paid and food is on the table can keep you busy, and can limit the amount of time you spend with your family. That’s where Big Cup is here to help! 

Refreshments and interactive activities are provided free of charge, giving you the time you need to enjoy your little ones, as well as having the chance to meet up with other parents and families in your community. We have lots of themed events for seasonal holidays, which suit all ages, from babies to young children. Whether it’s sensory or hands on arts and crafts, we aim to bring a light-hearted and fulfilling start to your day. 

Big Cup’s main focus is to aid both children and families to overcome every day difficulties and critical situations; to work together, and explore solutions with others who may have experienced similar situations to yourself. 

The Alice Charity team is here to help you with any practical support you may need to improve your family life, so that you can maintain a loving and carefree home. Bringing families within our community together in a supportive, safe and secure environment.

Lead by Danielle Southall, a mum and experienced child-carer, she understands how difficult being a parent can be, and is aware of the challenging situations guardians face daily. If required, the Big Cup project can assist you further with your needs, you can seek on-going support with our team, or alternatively we can signpost yourself to other supporting services in your area.


“I am very excited for the Big Cup launch, it’s a fantastic opportunity to have a cuppa tea and chat with other mums and children. With lots of great activities planned, I look forward to seeing you there.”

[ Danielle, project leader]


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