Small Acts, Huge Differences



Small Acts

Huge Differences

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Be Holiday Prepared

When you’re cutting all corners to make ends meet the heartbreak of not being able to take your children out during the school holidays makes many parents feel inadequate. Download your self-referral form today and email it to [email protected] for Easter and Christmas support.

Proud Achievements

Community Compassion

 Train Ticket 
purchased to help a family
escape a violent home

Christmas Presents
wrapped & delivered
to local children in 2018

Winter Coats
provided to a family where the
children were sharing 1 coat

If you’d like further information, contact our lovely project leader Emily, [email protected] or call us on 01782 627 017

Little Kindnesses

The power to transform lives

Can you imagine how heart-breaking it would be if you didn’t have the money to buy your children any Christmas presents? Imagine the desperate isolation of not being able to attend your cancer treatment because you have no childcare? Or if you felt you couldn’t afford to escape a domestic violence relationship?

We believe no one should suffer this crippling sense of loneliness and hopelessness, and we know that small acts of kindness can transform lives. Too often, those suffering from hardship fall through the cracks, Little Kindnesses is the campaign that will catch them. Little Kindnesses gives the urgently needed support not covered by our other projects. And often helps desperate, local families in unimaginable ways.

You can give the gift of kindness, support our seasonal campaigns with our Easter Egg and Christmas Toy appeals, or join Family Fiver today, see below for details.

Give a Little Kindness

Be a ray of light in the darkest day

It’s thanks to the kindness of people like you that this project is able to help local families faced with desperate situations.

Little Kindnesses is funded solely by the generosity of the Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-Under-Lyme community. We don’t receive any funding from any government body, so we urgently need your help to make sure we can continue to give this critical support.

 Donate new toys, gifts and toiletries.

 Donate dried, tinned and boxed long life products.

No second-hand toys or books please.

No fresh foods, open, broken, or out of date items.

Meet The Team

Your project leaders & team members

Emily Petts
Family Support Director

[email protected]

Kayla Poole
Family Support Manager

[email protected]