Can you help a child this Christmas?

‘Santa doesn’t visit my house’ #ThingsKidsSay

The strain of creating a perfect Christmas can be too much for the vulnerable, and that’s where Alice Charity can help. It should be a wonderful time of year for children, but for some families it can be detrimental. We unfortunately witness a surge in parental separation, a rise in teenage homelessness, and an up-swelling of mental health unravel; occurring both around and after the holiday period.

In a study conducted in 2016, it was discovered on average UK families will spend 44% of their monthly salary on Christmas; and 6% spend in excess.

So, are we spending too much? If 29% of children living locally are in poverty, the end of year pay cheques won’t be able to cover all necessities. Recent and annual trends are highlighting new areas of concern, including food and fuel poverty; and with inflation on the increase, it also makes basic housing costs hard to obtain, and we’re not including those costly unexpected bills. 

When a family is cutting all corners to make ends meet, and no luxury spending is permitted, the heartbreak of not being able to deliver the ideal holiday often leads children to thinking that Santa is not there for them. Resulting in catastrophic despair in the family unit, and a perception of neglect within the child. 

Last year the Alice Charity team collected, wrapped and delivered 2127 presents, successfully helping 629 families during their hardest time. This year we want to double our reach, helping parents and guardians make wonderful memories for children across North Staffordshire. With your support, we can spread love and kindness to those who are living in crisis, or may have serious difficultly getting through this winter. 

“It’s overwhelming for us, as staff, to see such generous donations, and it’s even more overwhelming to see the faces of the families when we drop the presents off – it’s just amazing! 

The most rewarding part of working for Alice Charity is supporting the families, and helping them get back on their feet during a time of crisis.”

[ Deb Steele, Family Support Worker ]

Collectively our six-towns pride themselves for their community efforts, and we have already seen so much generosity. Together, we can make sure that no child is left out this Christmas.

There are various ways you can help. You, your school, workplace or community group, can donate brand-new toys and items, aged 0-18 years old. Non-perishable and sealed food products. Offer items and gifts for our hamper raffle, or alternatively you can donate via our JustGiving Page.

If you need help this Christmas, contact our friendly team today to see how we can support you and your little ones. You will be asked a series of questions to determine what help we can provide and who can help you; an assurance of getting your family, the assistance you deserve.

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How you can make a difference

3 for 2 is one for Boo!

Think of local child this charitable season, and donate your additional toy and gift deals to Alice Charity.

Teenage Gift Bags

We support a wide range of children, from toddler to teen.

Many teens we support have very difficult home life, and as a result, are often left out.

Help make a teenager’s Christmas with an inspired goodie bag.

Spare, Care & Share!

Get together with your workplace, school or group, and aid a local community collection.

For further information or appeal enquires, contact our Family Support Director, Emily Petts

e: emily@alicecharity.com

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