Signal One's Jonty Sargeant supporting Alice Charity's regular giving initiative Family Fiver
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“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” –  Steve Maraboli

Warm a heart by joining Family Fiver

In our community, there are multiple families living in poverty, and all for different reasons. This could be anything from a death in the family, redundancy, to abandonment.

Poverty is not a dirty word at Alice Charity. We combat poverty in families who are struggling through giving our support, and providing families with the items they need. Poverty can lead to mental health problems, and can limit people’s opportunities to thrive. At Alice Charity, we believe everyone should have the opportunities they deserve, and support families in every way to make sure they do.

Our Family Fiver initiative is one of the ways we achieve this. We believe that family is everything. Help begins at home, and everyone can aid vulnerable families just by giving.

What will my money buy?

Family Fiver is a regular giving initiative where you donate £5 a month to help us support families in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle under Lyme. With just £5 a month, we can purchase one of the following:

o          A microwave or slow cooker so that a family can enjoy freshly cooked, healthy meals.

o          A bed and bedding for a child co-sleeping or residing on the sofa or floor.

o          Provide transport for a teenager to study at college.

o          Aid families with emotional support through home visits and support sessions.

o          Deliver furniture, install carpets and home safety equipment, so families have the home they deserve.

Who has Family Fiver helped?

Alice Charity helps families in any situation, at any time. The team were touched to help a young woman with the emotional support she needed. Becoming a mother to her niece after her sister died was a tough decision for her at 18 years old. She had no idea how to parent a child, let alone an 18-month old. Through our support programme, she soon learned everything about caring for her niece, by being helped to handle every tantrum to every cough her niece had. We helped her to not only grieve her sister, but to get back on track to attend college, and go on to complete her degree at University whilst caring for her niece. To change another person’s life the way we supported this young woman, Alice Charity needs your help. Please donate just £5 a month to our Family Fiver initiative, and you could make a great impact on someone’s life, it could be a family living just next door to you, or a child in your child’s class.

Get Involved!

For more information, or to get involved with Family Fiver, visit our website and for any questions, email or call the office on 01782 627017.

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