“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger".

Buzz Aldrin

Poverty could happen to any one of us, and this needs to be accepted. It isn’t a dirty word used to degrade people in society, but something that is affecting individuals and families more frequently every day. With unskilled new jobs being scarce, zero hours and redundancy on the rise, poverty is a harsh truth that needs to be highlighted as an outcome of much more than just drug and alcohol abuse or benefit scroungers. Contributing factors could include anything from death in the family to mental illness, and here at Alice we understand and address this with compassion and respect.

Food is more than just something which provides us with the energy to keep us going. Mealtimes should be an important part of everyday family life bringing families together, encourage communication within the home. Food poverty adversely impacts more than just survival, and Alice Charity is trying to do something about it.

One of the many things that affects families living in poverty is providing sufficient food to feed empty bellies in their family. Open 11am-1pm on weekdays, the Alice Charity People’s Pantry provides families with up to three days’ worth of food to help them feed their family through the week and have the necessary items for their children. In our Pantry, we have everything stocked from tinned pies and vegetables, to baby formula and nappies, so whatever you need, we’re happy to help.

Many of the people that we support just need that extra bit of help to provide for their children, particularly during school holidays, where the impact of no free school dinners, increased expenses such as heating costs and new school uniform, soon add up. We recently had a family of five visit the Pantry. Their Dad worked night shifts, however his wages only covered bills, rent and car payments. He had three hungry bellies to feed, including a baby, and with children being livelier over the holidays, the family were finding it difficult to satisfy their children’s needs over this hectic period. The People’s Pantry provided the family with baby formula and nappies, as well as a food parcel which made sufficient meals to feed the family meeting their preferences, including one little fussy eater, who preferred beans to vegetables, and rice pudding to fruit.

We always need donations at the People’s Pantry, so if you have any undamaged and in date tinned food, or sealed daily essentials such as sanitary items, shampoo, or toilet roll, please donate them to the Alice Charity.

If any of the above information affects you in any way, come into our People’s Pantry in Newcastle under Lyme town centre at 27 Bridge Street, ST5 2RY, or ring the Alice Charity on 01782 627017, or message us on info@alicecharity.com for more details.

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