Alice’s Teenage Kicks team have been busy educating themselves on Teenage Mental Health and what services are available locally. Statistics show that 70% of teenagers experience mental health difficulties at some time, including suicidal tendencies, depression, self harming and bullying. We must be in a position that when we come across mental health issues in the teenagers that we’re supporting, that we can signpost them to the right services and get them the right help quickly.
Teenage kicks is currently supporting a teenager who has been in a very dark place with so many mixed emotions on who they are and what they want from their life. I am proud to say that our ongoing support of visits, phone calls and emails have had an extremely positive impact on this teenager, who is now accessing the right support to take control of his life.
Michelle, our Teenage Kicks Project Leader, has decided to return to education, and we’re proud to announce that she has been accepted on a counselling course at Keele University, she says she is excited and over whelmed for the future for Teenage Kicks and cannot wait to help more teenagers to grow through what they go through.
Quote off the month
“Caring for the mind is as important and crucial as caring for the body. In fact one cannot be healthy without the other”

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