I’m Emily Family Support Director and Co–Founder of Alice Charity. I am the project manager for Little Kindnesses.

Little Kindnesses is the project that catches everything that doesn’t fit into any other project. Whether it’s getting school uniforms, paying for nursery fee’s, giving the family a needed day out, attending a support group or playgroup with a nervous parent this project gives family’s that touch of kindness they so desperately need.

Sometimes a chat with a friendly face is all a person needs, sometimes it’s a little more, but whatever the need with Little Kindnesses we will try our best to help.

A family we are currently supporting is a single mum living in Newcastle who has serve postnatal depression and anxiety. The mum has no support networks around her in Newcastle and is often too afraid to leave the house. Mum has been offered a new home nearer family in Stoke but the thought of packing up and moving is overwhelming to her fragile state. Alice Charity is supporting with the move and providing a removal team to help relieve some of the stress and turn it into a positive journey for her and her son.

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