Hi I’m Kath and I’ve been volunteering for Alice Charity for 2 years. I have two aspects to my role I liaise with local schools, other charities, churches etc. in raising the profile of Alice Charity and I also take the lead with our “Forgotten Children Project”.

I am currently working with a Grandmother, who has recently taken voluntary custody of her granddaughter, as her parents have had some difficulties which have had an emotional effect on the child. Grandmother was previously working fulltime, but had to stop working to care for her granddaughter, which has obviously had major financial implications.

Grandmum was desperate to facilitate some nursery time for her granddaughter, so she can socialise with other children, but she found herself in a Catch 22, as she had earned too much money within the last financial year so was not able to obtain any help with funding, but she currently could not afford to fund the place herself. Alice is supporting her to pay for 10 hours nursery fees until her finances are sorted.

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