I am a family support worker running two projects; Pass it On and Bump & Beyond. I am currently working with a single dad who is about to get full residency of his daughter and is struggling to make his home suitable.

Dad used to work full time as a stage builder is now having to give this up to care for his 9 month old daughter, this has had a huge effect to his self esteem has limited him financially. Dad has no support network around so is also becoming very isolated.

In the flat that Dad currently is living in, only one room is liveable due to damp in all of the other rooms. Dad tries his best to keep the house clean and tidy but struggles with not being able to use two of the other rooms.

The high chair and safety gates that we have provided mean that Dad can ensure that his daughter is safe, and the pushchair enables Dad to get out of the house.

Once Dad has been placed in suitable accommodation we will go to visit Dad and see what kind of furniture he is in need of, then arrange the collection of these items from donors to be delivered to Dad.

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