Then and Now: A #Throwback to Remember

How an office move transformed the success of Alice Charity

In a land called Silverdale…

There once was a time, long, long ago, when the Alice Charity HQ resided at a small office in Silverdale. This was the very beginPicture of the old office, and the limited space in it. ning of something influential. Visiting a maximum of 35 homes a month, we identified that the need for our family support was growing, but we didn’t have the staff to fulfil our dream. We needed to support our families, and there was only one solution for this problem, a bigger office was needed.

Our plan…

We understood that we needed to be in the right place, and wouldn’t stop until we found the perfect castle (pun intended) to house our Alice Charity team. The town centre of Newcastle under Lyme was the ideal place for change, on Queens Parade. This way, our office was more accessible to the public, and we were in a more central location to visit our families frequently. Our brand new pink office housed sufficient space for plenty of workers and volunteers, and gave us room for meetings, as well as a room to have some peace and quiet.


The Castle of Newcastle-under-Lyme…

Pictures of the new office with more space Since moving office in September 2016, with rooms dedicated to each project as well as sufficient office space for our staff, our Family Support team has increased drastically, with over 16 family support workers and volunteers dedicated to helping our families and going on home visits to fully assess the needs of families in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme. One of these employees is Kayla Poole, who joined Alice Charity in 2014 as a family support worker, whilst on maternity leave. After she showed her resilience and determination in this role, the team couldn’t let her go. She was offered a job as Family Support Manager, and in this role, she successfully led and recruited more Family Support Workers onto her team, ensuring that the charity had sufficient workers to meet the target of supporting as many families in need in our community as we could. She also maintained that families were suitably looked after, securing essential funding so that families had the basic items they needed to thrive and not just survive. Because of her determination and ability to lead her team within her Family Support role, she was offered a Human Resources role within Alice Charity. In this role, Kayla worked directly with a HR expert funded by the Chamber of Commerce, to develop a volunteer recruitment and induction process unique to Alice charity. Because of Kayla and her efficient and strategic induction process, along with her shining qualities of love, kindness, compassion and courage towards all who she works with, she has created jobs in our community, and recruited and retained our growing team of 35 volunteers, along with ensuring that the Family Support team are attending more home visits than ever before. Now attending 100 home visits a month, Alice Charity is truly thriving.

All of the projects and campaigns that we run here at Alice Charity greatly benefit our families, helping them gain independence, and thrive rather than just survive. Whether it’s providing families with food to feed empty bellies, or delivering the essential furnishings such as carpets or white goods. Whenever we help families, we do so with unconditional love, kindness, courage and compassion, we understand that difficult situations can affect any one of us, and are there with the right things, at the right time, in the right way, when no-one else can.

Are you interesting in supporting Alice?

We wouldn’t be able to help the amount of families we do without your help. All of our projects still require donations and funds to keep supporting the families that we do. We have our Fortunate 500 exclusive business club for businesses to contribute to our charity, Family Fiver regular giving initiative to provide essential items for families, and are always willing to accept any donations of items you may have. If you have donations for us, or would like to help fundraise, contact the office on 01782 627017 or email for more information.

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